CFW's first 1000-IN-24 endurance ride was run in August of 1985. With a committee numbering about 10, we set about planning this thing about which we knew absolutely nothing about. As we sat around the table brainstorming, it very quickly became evident that this was going to be a huge undertaking.  We had to consider things like start time, end time, route, degree of difficulty of the route, accident liability, participant safety, and a host of other things that we as individuals had never given a second thought to whenever we hit the highway for a road trip.

We decided to play what we figured would be "safe".  We developed a route which encompassed seven states in and around our home state of Colorado.  For those of you that don't have an atlas handy, the states were Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.

An issue of major concern was how to keep this from becoming a cannonball-run type of event. We didn't want the participants to throw safety and caution to the wind for the sake of being the first to cross the finish line. After much discussion and the loss of some hair, we decided to take the following approach. We would announce at the riders meeting that the endurance run was not a race for a race's sake. We would give each entrant the total complement of event paraphernalia (hat, shirt, pin and in later years we would add then remove a belt buckle) when they checked in to begin the event. The speech would go on to say that once they left the staging area, we didn't care if they rode the event or returned home to finish their night's sleep. However, the only way they would be considered a finisher's and receive a finisher's award, (supplied by our sponsor at the time Lakewood Honda Ltd.) was to check back into the finisher's area and, after verification, have ridden a 1,000 miles or more in the allotted time. Another benefit offered to finishers and non-finishers was the feed sponsored by Lakewood Honda and held sometime after the event. Notification of the dates for the event were sent to participants via U.S. Mail.

Well times have changed and so has our sponsor. Fay Myers Motorcycle World is our current sponsor and is committed to upholding the standards established by Dave Weinstock (former owner of Lakewood Honda Ltd).

After running this event for 28 successful years we have come to realize a few things. The first given is, that no matter what you say to people, they figure out that someone has got to be the first one back to the finish. That means there will always be someone who will try to be the first. Another thing is that endurance riders must be willing to take responsibility for their own actions.

The safety record of the event is outstanding. In 28 years of running this event, we proudly boast of an extremely low accident rate of less than 1% for the total number of participants entered. Part of our commitment to safety includes a tech. inspection of each participating motorcycle prior to leave time. We check for worn tires and make sure that all signaling systems are operative. In the pre-event package we send to each participant we stress the importance that both their machine and they are in good mechanical and physical condition before embarking on the trek.

In 1994, we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the event and we commemorated the occasion with a special edition belt buckle. And in 2009 for our 25th anniversary we had a special challenge coin minted. Over the years we have standardized many aspects of the event. One such standard is the time of year the event is run. It's always held the third weekend in August. We also run the event rain or shine. Bad weather adds to the challenge. The leave time more often than not has been between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. If that window changes you will be notified prior to the event. Once you sign in you can leave anytime during the two hour window. The staff will clock you out when you indicate you are ready to begin your journey. You must return to the staging area within 24 hours of the time when you were clocked out to be considered a qualified finisher. The staging area will be at Fay Myers  Motorcycle World (9700 E. Arapahoe Rd. Greewood Village, CO).

The 2013 1000-IN-24 will be held on August 17th and 18th. For the 29th annual, the entry fee will be $50.00 per rider and $100.00 per couple and will continue to include a pin, shirt, and hat. The shirt, as usual will display this year's route map on the back.

Again for the ninth year in a row we will offer the riders a chance to earn an IBA (Iron Butt Association) "Saddle Sore 1000" certificate at a reduced price if they complete the route in the allotted time and with the required mileage.  The forms will be available at the start of the ride. See the IBA website at: Iron Butt for more information.

Included in your entry, once again in 2013, riders who complete the 1,000 miles in 24 hours also will receive a certificate of achievement from the Motorcycle Endurance Riders Association (MERA). The MERA "1000 plus in 24" certificate is being provided to all qualifying 1000-in-24 participants free of charge by MERA.

If you think you would like to see a lot of the Colorado and maybe some of other neighboring states country side in a short period of time or maybe you're just curious about being able to ride a 1,000 miles in a 24 hour period,  join us and enter in the US's longest running event of it's kind. For entry details, see the flyer.

Here's the 2013 route map. 14ers, Left and Right (.est file), 14ers, Left and Right, turn by turn directions (.docx file), 14ers, Left and Right (.pdf file).

The ride will start this year between 2:00am and 4:00am, there will be the usual inspection of your motorcycle for safety.

The Stats and other information from last year's ride are here: Stats

The Route 2013

14ers Left and Right

1,028 miles

Start and end: Fay Myers Motorcycle World, 9700 E Arapahoe Rd, Greenwood Village, CO
Leave parking lot, turn right (North) on Dayton St. northbound to Arapahoe Rd./CO-88 0.1 miles
Turn left on Arapahoe Rd. westbound to I-25 0.4 miles.
Circle right under I-25 to on ramp for I-25 southbound 32 yds.
Continue on I-25 southbound to Exit 140 (CO-115) in Colorado Springs
Turn right (South) on S. Nevada Ave. (CO-115) to CO-67 in Florence, CO
Turn left (South) onto Robinson Ave. (CO-67) to CO-96 at Wetmore, CO
Turn right (West) onto W. 4th St to CO-69 at Westcliffe, CO.
Turn left (South) onto CO-69 on Business I-25 at Walsenburg, CO.
Turn left (East) on Business I-25 to I-25.
Turn right (South) onto I-25 to Exit 14B in Trinidad, CO.
Turn West on E. Colorado Ave to Prospect St.
Turn left (South) on Prospect St to Stonewall Ave (CO-12).
Trun right (West) on CO-12 to W 2nd St (CR-450) at LaVeta, CO.
Turn left (West) on CR-450 to US-160.
Turn left (West on US-160 to US-550 at Durango, CO.
Turn right (North) on US-550 to US-50 at Montrose, CO.
Turn right (East) on US-50 to US-285 at Poncha Springs, CO.
Turn left (North) on US-285 to US-24 at Johnson's Village, CO.
Turn north on US-24 to CO-82 at Balltown, CO.
Turn left (West) on CO-82 to 6th St at Glenwood Springs, CO.
Turn left (West) on 6th St to N River Drive.
Turn left (South) on N River Drive to I-70.
Turn left (East) on I-70 to Exit 261 (US-6) at Golden, CO.
Bear right on US-6 (East) to I-25 at Denver, CO.
At Exit 197, turn right onto exit ramp for Arapahoe Road headed east.
Turn right onto South Dayton St. to Fay Myers Motorcycle World.
Turn left into Fay Myers parking lot.


Entry Form