Colorado Freewheelers MC Rider of the Year Program


The Colorado Freewheelers in order to promote more club member participation in both club activities, rides, meetings, chairity events, and motorcycling in general, decided in 1984 to start an award for the club member who could in the course of a single year accumulate the most points in certain catagories that would reflect an outstanding amount of individual participation.

Over the years a few members have won this award many times, and their names are perminently attached to the trophy on display in the club meeting room.

They are the following: Pat McCombs (7) 84, 88, 91, 93, 96, 03, 06; Frank Heinzel (6) 90, 99, 02, 05, 07, 09; Bill Gillespie (3) 85, 04, 10; Bob Norton (2) 86, 01; Brian Boberick (2) 95, 97; Leo Scott 87; Becky Gillespie 89; Rex Young 92; Walt Roberts 94; Bruce Waters 98; and Sunny Norton 00.

In addition to their name on the trophy they get an embroidered jacket and plaque denoting their award, presented to them at the annual Christmas club banquet in December.


1. All submissions to be turned in to the Rider of the Year judge (the previous years recipient) by the evening of the November meeting.

2. Submissions may be delivered via USPS, e-mail, or hand delivered by the required date.

3. Point accumulation for categories start from the Friday after the November meeting till the evening of the next November meeting.

4. The only disqualifications for the award is having won it the previous year, or any attempt at bribery, or coercion of the Rider of the Year judge.

5. The Rider of the Year judges decision will be final and uncontested. Only published categories points will be counted for each members submission.

6. Individual category rules: (See Category and Points below)

Category and Points:

Club Meetings: 9 points each +1 extra point if you ride to a meeting; 8 minimum. Rules: List each month you attended a regular meeting, (11 maximum per year).

Charity Events: 5 points each; 1 minimum. Rules: List each by name, must be motorcycle related.

Major motorcycling events: 3 points each; 1 minimum. Rules: List any event you attended that was advertised in a national motorcycling publication.

Activity Committee Functions: 3 points each; 1 minimum. Rules: List each function attended.

Prospective Members Becoming Regular Members: 25 points each; 1 minimum. Rules: The new member must attend 5 subsequent meetings after initial attendance AND participate in a least 5 club rides. New member status counts for the year in which the "5+5" criteria are met. List the names of all persons you invited to a meeting and you believe met the criteria for the year.

Activity Organizer: 5 points each; 1 minimum. Rules: Points to be awarded for organizing a club picnic, evening outing, wintertime activity, meeting presentation (other than officer or committee chair report), etc. Arrangements for scheduled club rides do not qualify. List the times and topics of your presentation, or activity.

Club Rides: 5 points each; 15 minimum + 2 extra points for leading a ride. Rules: List named rides and a number for open/winter rides. Denote any rides you led.

Committees: 10 points each; 1 minimum. Rules: List each committee you served on for the year.

Eagle Times Articles: 10 points each; 2 minimum, (last 2 years), maximum of 20 points for multi issue articles. Rules: Classified ads and announcements do not qualify. List titles or topics of any input you have supplied that was subsequently printed.